Who We Are

Industries working to integrate AI have become aware that a successful integration of

these new technologies requires an expert blend of the right vision, strategy, talent,

education, and timing.

Business transformation in the age of AI is both an art and a science—the science is

found in the data and technology, and the art is found the experience, creativity, and

collaboration that allow us to innovate. We’re here, as artists and as scientists, to

provide a holistic, human-centric approach to guide your teams through the integration

of AI technologies into your enterprise.

Tribal Interactive is an AI-as-a-Service, consultancy and development studio based in

Vancouver, BC. We help enterprises succeed by developing technologies and applying

the latest methodologies to overcome technical and business challenges. Along with

decades of AAA-game and consumer and business application experience, we offer

technical expertise in areas such as machine learning and deep learning—with vast

production experience providing the know-how to effectively apply them to your business.


Be in touch today — and we can start applying the latest technologies and developmental methodologies

to your business.

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