What you'll get

Custom built, AI-based applications that integrate easily into your existing platforms and processes.

How we deliver it

We employ a tailored approach, working with your team to understand how AI can be applied to your specific business environment. To support this transition, we incorporate expert research, educational workshops, and strategic planning sessions.

How we’ll work together

Integrating AI research and technology is far from a one-size-fits-all procedure. For this reason, we offer a collaborative approach tailored to our partners’ degree of maturity in their technological evolution.

This is how we turn AI into

a powerful reality for your


Understand AI for Your Business

We educate your team on the current state of AI to build a common understanding of what’s feasible—and what’s not. Building upon examples of AI applications in your industry, we examine your unique challenges and priorities to understand

how AI can be applied to your company.

Understand Your Data

We work with your teams to securely access the large volumes of data needed to train AI models. Our researchers work with your data scientists to explore these raw materials, evaluating whether the right data is available for the business problem you’re looking to solve.

Plan for the Future

Based upon your data and your business goals, we collaborate with your team to identify potential AI-based solutions that will generate value. We support the process with workshops, ideation sessions, and roadmap planning sessions.

Develop & Integrate

We employ the latest in machine learning and operations

research techniques to train models that give the most accurate results. Then, we build custom applications that begin delivering benefits to your team with a short integration phase.

Evaluate & Support

Our goal is to build long-term relationships with our partners. We are determined to develop applications that provide immediate ROI and ongoing value and support. Our models are kept secure, regularly evaluated and retrained with new data.

Who We Are

Industries working to integrate AI have become aware that a successful integration of

these new technologies requires an expert blend of the right vision, strategy, talent,

education, and timing.

Business transformation in the age of AI is both an art and a science—the science is

found in the data and technology, and the art is found the experience, creativity, and

collaboration that allow us to innovate. We’re here, as artists and as scientists, to

provide a holistic, human-centric approach to guide your teams through the integration

of AI technologies into your enterprise.

Tribal Interactive is an AI-as-a-Service, consultancy and development studio based in

Vancouver, BC. We help enterprises succeed by developing technologies and applying

the latest methodologies to overcome technical and business challenges. Along with

decades of AAA-game and consumer and business application experience, we offer

technical expertise in areas such as machine learning and deep learning—with vast

production experience providing the know-how to effectively apply them to your business.


Be in touch today — and we can start applying the latest technologies and developmental methodologies

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